Sarasota Barbell is a gym unlike any other in the Sarasota area. Our mission is to provide an environment for dedicated trainees who are serious about training their goals. We are not a "Fitness Center" or a "Judgement Free Zone" - We are a one of a kind facility short on bells and whistles but high on functionality. Are you looking for treadmills, ellipticals, or any other kind of motorized cardio equipment? Looks elsewhere. How about the newest in high tech selectorized machines? Nope? Zumba? Come on now. What you'll find at here is the same stuff that has been getting people results for over a century - Good old fashioned free weights. We know that barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells can be intimidating for the unitiated, but Sarasota Barbell is proud to provide an encouraging atmosphere for those ready and willing to learn. If you're a veteran of the iron game but you're tired of not being able to use chalk or you're sick of getting reprimanded for *Gasp!* making too much noise, you'll be welcomed with open arms into our gym. With continued support from it's customers, Sarasota Barbell hopes to grow as not only a gym but a family. A big, happy, really, really, really strong family.


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